Customer Service

Here at Earth Resources, customer satisfaction is very important to us. It is always our intent to provide you with the best service possible. However, if and when we feel we are failing to meet this standard we know that the least we can do is keep you informed.

We would like to confess that recent staffing changes have created some obstacles for our daily operations. As a result, the quality service you deserve may have been compromised. We know this can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient, and we are deeply sorry if it has caused you any trouble. Please know that we working hard to resolve these things and hope to be back on track in the coming weeks.

Until then, please be advised that we may be later than usual getting some of your recycling picked up. Our trucks have been out running routes as late as 8:00pm (or until dark) so If you will just leave your bin out at the curb we will pick it up that day or first thing the following business day. Please remember to have your recycling bin out at the curb by 8:00am on the day you are scheduled for pick-up. I know some of you are used to seeing us in the afternoons, but different circumstances may require us to change the order of the route and you may be visited earlier in the day.

As always, if you feel that we have missed your recycling pick-up please contact us and we will gladly check the status of your account. Please contact us with any comments, suggestions, or problems you have. Thank you again for your continued support!